Music LED IR Controller


Call for price

Credit card sizes remote that controls RGB LED brightness, fade and flash speed, and manages up to 16 colors and 2 color change programs!  All done by the IR (infrared) signal to the controller - which is included with this remote.


Operating Voltage: DC 12V and 24V

Connection Mode: Common anode

Sound Control: > 60 - 70dB

Maximum Current Output: 10A (1.65A per channel)

Maximum Output Power: 120W (20W per channel)

Output Ports: 2 (RGB common anode)

Dimensions: L 15.5 x W 7.5 x H 3 cm

Remote Distance: 5 - 10 meters

Net Weight: 160g

Gross weights: 255g

Suitable only for indoor use


 Working Temperature: -20°C - 60°C / -4° ~ 140° F